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Olafur Eliasson launches a solar charger

Le 29 octobre 2017, 09:10 dans Humeurs 0

"I really believe that art can change the world by providing global access to energy not only as an idea, but also with a physical device."


He may not be so beloved in Rotterdam at the moment because of the upcoming and already controversial work of art for Rotterdam Centraal; Olafur Eliasson can not be stopped. A few weeks ago, he still tested his Kissing Earth in Rotterdam and is now busy with his next project: Little Sun Charger, a solar powered charger. Yesterday, Eliasson launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the sustainable charger.


The Little Sun Charger is a follow-up to Eliasson's older project: Little Sun, a solar-powered led lamp that made it possible for residents of countries where energy is scarce to read and study. Little Sun Charger will charge your phone, but also has a built-in led lamp, which of course also works on solar power. Eliasson worked, like Little Sun, with engineer Frederik Ottesen for the more technical aspect of the charger, and according to the makers, only five hours of sun are required to charge a phone with the charger.


The prototype has already been built and the Kickstarter campaign has been set up to come through the following stages in the production process - setting up the production chain, certification, component purchase, etc. - so that the charger can be sold in March 2016. The target of the Kickstarter is € 50,000 and if you donate more than € 55, you will get a copy immediately as a reward for your generosity.


"The sun has enough energy to provide clean and sustainable energy to everyone on earth. Light is for and for everyone - it determines what we do and how we do it. Light and life are inseparable, "says Eliasson on the Kickstarter page. "I've always seen light as more than just a practical phenomenon. Light touches our feelings. In my art, I use light to shape spaces and environments in which people can think about the way they experience the world and how they respond to the world. I really believe that art can change the world by presenting global access to energy not only as an idea, but also by creating it with a physical device. This device can enable us to experience our commitment, what we have in common, and that promotes action. "

Solar panel for charging 12V batteries and use with 230V converters

Le 26 octobre 2017, 08:31 dans Humeurs 0

We can not get around, if you use a battery to discharge it, you will have to charge it again. Using a solar panel as a power source to recharge the battery is very pleasant. It does not sound, does not require fuel like an aggregate, requires no maintenance, is relatively cheap and lasts for a lifetime. An ideal energy source and environment friendly on sale!

Even in cloudy weather

Although the word solar panel suggests that only electricity is generated when the sun shines, even when it is cloudy again, some electricity is generated. It's a lot less, but you can charge your battery. Hence, solar panels are sometimes called daylight panels.

36 solar cells

A solar panel is made up of solar cells. Each solar cell delivers about half a volt. In practice, we do not think it's too low enough to charge a 12V battery.

Therefore, many solar cells are connected to each other (connected in series), which creates a useful voltage. When charging a solar panel for 12V batteries, these are 36 solar cells. Together they deliver about 18 Volt, which requires extra voltage to charge a 12V battery by means of a charging current regulator.

Solar panels are also for sale with 72 solar cells but are not suitable for 12 Volt installations, which are used to charge 24V batteries.

Three types of solar cells

Solar cells, as well as solar panels are for sale in three versions. Made of monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon and the third is the amorphous solar cell. Monocrystalline is usually recognizable to the even, usually almost black color. Certainly they are recognizable in the round or triangular shape. These are the most expensive solar panels. The advantage is that these panels have the highest yield per square meter, so the highest yield is up to 20%. Do you have little room for a solar panel and you need a lot of energy that is a monocrystalline solar panel the best choice. Multicrystalline solar panels are a bit cheaper, but have a slightly lower yield. The return is around 15%. That's no problem if you're not very tight in the space for your solar panel. Multicrystalline solar panels are recognizable by the blue "stainy" color. The solar cell is neat square. At least amorphous solar cells are used. The yield is quite low, but the price is also there. If you have a lot of room for solar panels, this would be an option. The amorphous solar panel is recognizable because the solar panel is not subdivided into compartments. It seems a big solar cell usually with a dark gray color. Generally, monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels are used for charging batteries.

Avoid shadow

A solar panel has a major disadvantage, it hates shadow. If already a very small part of your solar panel is in the shadow, even if it's only part of a solar cell, the revenue is collapsing. A decrease of 50% or more is normal. Excess cost that costs shadow. If you can not avoid it, but you have to choose whether the shadow is present in the middle of the day or just in the morning or evening, always choose for shade that falls on your solar panels in the morning or just the end of the day. . Then the yield is already lower and you miss relatively little yield.

Load regulator a must

Never connect a solar panel directly to the battery. Then the battery can be overloaded and damaged irreparably. But there are several reasons never to connect a solar panel directly to a battery. A battery must be charged in a special way to get the maximum battery life. Always buy a "charging" for use with solar panels.

How big should my solar panel be?

How big your solar panel should be, how much power it needs to deliver, expressed in Wp (Watt peak), or how many solar panels you need, you will need to determine yourself based on your usage. A nice rule of thumb is to buy a solar panel that has at least as much Wp as the battery in Ah. So a 40 Ah battery must have at least one 40 Wp solar panel. But more Wp is certainly not very nice, even when you have cloudy weather, you have some energy in your battery. Read more in this article on how to determine the power of solar panel and battery.

Yield in summer, spring, fall and winter

It will not surprise you when we write that in the summer months a solar panel has the highest yield. But how much energy does a solar panel give in spring, fall or winter? Let's say that we spend 100% on the summer months, in the spring and autumn, you'll get 40% to 50%, and in winter it will drop to about 10%. In the winter, a gloomy week will come up with almost no yield. Then the yield can even be as low as 3 to 5% of a summer day.

Need more power than a panel?

If a solar panel does not provide enough power, you can switch multiple solar panels in parallel (plus plus, min to min). In principle, each panel has facilities that make this possible.

Just south facing?

A solar panel generates the most energy (100%) when it is facing south and has an angle of about 35 degrees. If he is not facing south but in the southeast or southwest you do not worry too much, but the yield is only 5% less. The west or east delivers 15% less. If the solar panel does not tilt obliquely but drops (thus equal to the horizon), the yield is 87%. When the solar panel is flat, it will get dirty faster. Then cleaning is clever a few times a year. You do not have to do that when it is oblique. Although, once a year a wash can not hurt.


Solar charging: The POWERplus tested.

Le 24 octobre 2017, 09:17 dans Humeurs 0

For nothing, the sun goes on ... and the same sun can now also charge your smartphone with this power bank. But does he do that too?


A power bank can be very useful if your battery is empty, only the power bank must be charged or charged. But what if you can use (sun) light to charge your power bank? The POWERplus Zebra promises to have enough power to fully charge a phone and is suitable for Android phones and iPhone 4, 5 and 6 (s) through the three outputs. The power bank needs an hour or eight to fully charge, but then it turned out that we could almost charge our phone almost two hours. Ideal if you are somewhere where there is no power supply.


The power bank is not too big - less than ten centimeters long, so it fits easily into your palm - weighs only 83 grams. That's extra handy when you travel. In advance, we were afraid that the power bank could become very hot during charging; Fortunately, this was not the case. After a couple of hours of charging in the full sun, the power bank was hot but not hot hot.


A smart LED indicator indicates how much power the battery still has. In addition, the power bank has a bright flashlight, also LED light, which will always be useful during a camping trip.


Pros POWERplus Zebra

+ Charges your phone by means of sunlight, even if there is no power outlet.


+ Use with almost all smartphones.


Negatives POWERplus Zebra

- Please give the power bank an hour or eight to fully charge.


- If your smartphone's battery capacity exceeds the power of your power bank, your phone will not fully charge.

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